About Sognatore



From Construction Manager to Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, and Founder, I founded and launched Sognatore Collection in 6 months. I quit my corporate job building high rise buildings in commercial real estate to build my fashion business from the ground up. 



The name Sognatore means dreamer in Italian and is reminiscent of the freedom I felt when solo traveling. I chose this name because being a dreamer is who we are at its essence, and phonetically is a resemblance of my Taiwanese-Italian heritage. Inspired by the unique landscapes, I wanted to cultivate beauty at its core and to empower you to feel confident as you embark on your own travel journeys. 


The Sognatore woman has dreamt of a life of endless opportunities and has undergone transformation. Designed to inspire wanderlust, the collections of Sognatore depicted through the colors and silhouettes tells a modern story about a woman traveler finding courage to go boldly towards her dreams, yet observing beauty every step of the way. I have hand-picked these pieces to capture romance, charm, and a deep feeling of euphoria that is felt from experiencing new places. 

Our mission is to evoke beauty through storytelling. 

At Sognatore, we are more than just a brand but a community of free-spirits at heart who romanticize in the beauty of life. I founded Sognatore Collection in Bay Area, California. Living in San Francisco area, summer was mostly windy days and jackets by the beach. I would imagine myself traveling the world and often found myself visiting warmer climates.

Wherever you are from, I want our collections to take you on a journey. As you travel throughout the world, I hope wearing the pieces from our collection will help you see your dreams be brought to life. 

- Megan Kain